13 weeks to the Engagement

Although it will be a small affair, I decided to invite my close friends over to celebrate.

I don’t really know if there is a need for so much arrangements for the engagement. But we* have been moving around quite a lot lately to engage vendors for the Big Day instead.

My mom has been a lot of help to cater food for the Engagement though and I was kind of touched. Because she secretly went behind me to arrange all of it, knowing we* will be busy settling for the wedding.


*We : The Mister and I.



I have abandoned this blog for about a year or two and have only start to decide filling up empty pages for memories sake. What memories you may ask? The fact that I am going to be someone’s fiancee in 14 weeks and his wife, following 15 months after the engagement. It bring me chills and a whole lot of other feelings.

I am trying to squeeze in as much preparation as I can before Ramadhan comes.